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Early Intervention For Lifelong Dental Health

Misaligned bites can be a significant cosmetic and oral health concern. Misaligned bites may also cause discomfort of the jaw, wearing or breaking of teeth. Also referred to as malocclusion, bite problems are a common orthodontic concern. Correcting bite problems…


Options for Straighter Teeth

Did you know that crooked teeth could increase your risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease, and even tooth loss? Many patients view crooked teeth as a cosmetic concern, but in fact, crooked teeth may lead to a whole range…


Who benefits from laser dentistry?

Did you know that recent advancements in laser dentistry have made many dental treatments less invasive? Our Ottawa, ON dentist office, The Villanova Dental Studio, uses laser therapy for state-of-the-art dental procedures for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Dr.…

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