Early Intervention For Lifelong Dental Health

Early Intervention For Lifelong Dental Health

Misaligned bites can be a significant cosmetic and oral health concern. Misaligned bites may also cause discomfort of the jaw, wearing or breaking of teeth. Also referred to as malocclusion, bite problems are a common orthodontic concern. Correcting bite problems can relieve stress on the jaw, help you to eat and speak better and create a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Villanova Dental Studio in Ottawa, ON offers comprehensive orthodontic treatment for malocclusion in patients of all ages.

Dr. Barakat provides complimentary evaluations, which includes an oral exam. After a thorough examination of your jaw, teeth and gums, he will suggest appropriate treatment options for you or your child. Every patient’s orthodontic needs are unique and require treatment specifically tailored to their needs. All bite misalignments vary in severity and will be treated on an individual basis.

Fix Open Bite

Open bites are best treated if addressed early. We recommend that children be evaluated around the age of 7. Untreated open bites may create more complex oral health concerns. Open bites are common in children who suck their thumbs or practice tongue thrusting.

Open Bite Treatment: Early diagnosis is key in successful and conservative treatment. Dr. Barakat will evaluate your child’s open bite and determine the best treatment.

Fix Underbite

If your lower jaw and teeth are pushed forward of your upper teeth, you may have an underbite. Underbites, depending on the degree, can hinder a patient’s ability to eat and speak. You may also be unsatisfied with how your underbite makes your face look.

Underbite Treatment: Dr. Barakat may recommend an oral appliance to gradually move your top teeth forward and bring your bite into alignment. Dr. Barakat will determine if you are in need of braces, and if necessary, which style will best benefit you.

Fix Overbite

In the case of an overbite, your top teeth overhang your bottom teeth. Overbites can cause dissatisfaction in appearance and make it difficult to speak and eat if left untreated. In patients where there is a large degree of overbite damage may be caused to the soft tissue of the mouth.

Treatment options for overbites may include:

If you or your child has a bite misalignment issue, schedule a consultation with Dr. Barakat to learn more about how orthodontic treatment can restore a comfortable, healthy and beautiful smile. Early treatment is recommended for the best possible results and to provide the opportunity for conservative options to be successful.

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