Those who suffer from chronic headaches often associate them with migraines but find little relief from standard migraine treatment. Frequently occurring and migraine headaches, especially ones that occur in the morning, may actually be a symptom of a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMD. TMD, commonly called TMJ, is a bite disorder that is caused by a malfunctioning jaw joint, often due to malocclusion.

Patients may also experience jaw pain, jaw tension, ear pain and neck pain. If you have frequent temporal headaches, migraines or chronic pain that has remained undiagnosed, schedule a consultation with Ottawa dentist Dr. Ami Barakat.

Frequent Headaches due to TMJ Issues

With advanced training in neuromuscular and physiologic dentistry, Dr. Barakat is one of few area dentists with the experience and training necessary to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for TMJ related disorders with lasting results.

TMJ headaches treatment in Kanata, Ottawa Ontario

Symptomatic treatment will not address underlying dental problems or neuromuscular issues, leaving patients at risk for deteriorating oral health and a recurrence of symptoms.

Dr. Barakat uses the principles of physiologic dentistry to evaluate the function of your bite and analyze how your entire occlusal system is working in relation to your overall physical health. This approach looks for structural problems and muscle function in the head and neck area. In many cases, migraine headaches or cluster headaches are related to muscle tension and imbalance that can be the result of malocclusion or a bite problem.

Dr. Barakat may recommend the use of orthodontics to realign your bite and allow the teeth to make proper contact. This will ultimately reduce muscle tension and play a role in resolving pain as well as improving your oral and overall health.

Ottawa, ON dentist Dr. Ami Barakat provides personalized diagnosis and treatment plans for patients suffering from TMJ. Using the latest in dental technology, Dr. Barakat can accurately determine the cause of jaw misalignment for a more effective and precise TMJ treatment.

Chronic headaches are only one of the many symptoms of TMJ. TMJ is a progressive condition and left untreated can cause long-term oral health and sleep conditions. TMJ headaches can be debilitating and may begin to negatively affect a patient’s quality of life.

Frequent Headaches FAQs

How can a dentist help with headaches?

Dentists are able to help patients struggling with frequent headaches by helping figure out what may be causing the headaches, and providing recommendations or dental treatment options.

Can dental problems cause tension headaches?

Dental problems are commonly the cause of tension headaches. Most headaches caused by a dental issue are tension headaches. They are typically caused by built up muscle tension in the jaw, from misaligned or crooked teeth.

What relieves a toothache headache?

Many patients find that rinsing with saltwater helps relieve pain and aches from a toothache. Holding a cold compress to the area that is in pain is another good way to numb the area and relieve pain.

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