A Retainer Keeps Your Smile Looking Good

A Retainer Keeps Your Smile Looking Good

One of the most commonly asked questions about orthodontic care is, “Do I really need to wear a retainer after treatment?” Our answer, of course, is always- yes!

A retainer serves an important purpose in the “retention” of your newly repositioned teeth. While a retainer is especially important for young, growing children after wearing braces, adults can also experience tooth movement over time. As we age, the jaw structure can change and even the slightest changes can have an effect on the position of your teeth.

Dr. Barakat will discuss when and for how long to wear a retainer after the completion of your orthodontic treatment. For most patients, wearing one for at least a short amount of time daily for life is recommended. The retainer will maintain the results of your treatment and protect the investment you have made in the health and appearance of your smile.

Keep Your Retainer Clean

Keeping your retainer clean is both easy and important. Brushing a removable retainer daily as you would your teeth, with toothpaste, will remove bacteria and any particles of food, etc. that may become attached while in the mouth. It is especially important to disinfect your retainer after being sick using an over the counter antibacterial denture cleaning product or a simple vinegar and water solution.

Bring your retainer with you to regular preventive care visits so we can inspect for damage and check to see that it is still fitting properly. Should you lose or break your retainer, contact us as soon as possible instead of waiting for your next visit- we can order a replacement and get you back to maintaining your smile much faster!

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