Treating Crooked Teeth Beyond Cosmetics

Treating Crooked Teeth Beyond Cosmetics

Did you know that crooked teeth could impact more than just the appearance of your smile? Crooked teeth could increase your risk of developing gum disease.

And not just gum disease, crooked teeth are often a factor in a whole range of secondary dental health concerns. From TMJ to malocclusion, crooked teeth can affect all aspects of oral health.

Many patients view crooked teeth as a cosmetic concern, but in fact, crooked teeth may lead to a whole range of oral health concerns and are best treated when addressed early on in oral development. Crooked teeth can impact the way you live your life- do not let crooked teeth keep you from smiling brightly. Villanova Dental Studio offers orthodontic and cosmetic solutions for straightening crooked teeth for improved oral health.

Crooked Teeth & Complex Oral Health Concerns

  • Gum Disease- Crooked teeth make it difficult to accurately and thoroughly clean the teeth and gums. Patients with crooked teeth often experience higher rates of gum disease due to poor oral hygiene.
  • Overcrowding- Overcrowding is common in patients with crooked teeth. Crooked teeth make it difficult for emerging teeth to develop correctly and can lead to further misalignment, and painful TMJ symptoms.
  • Malocclusion- Crooked teeth may force the jaw into misalignment making it challenging to eat, or speak properly. Children with malocclusion due to crooked teeth may benefit from phase 1 treatment that will address the functional aspects of their crooked teeth early on preventing future overcrowding or speech delays.
  • Aesthetics- A beautiful, confident smile can help you and your children live a more fulfilling life. Corrective crooked teeth improve a patients self-confidence, creating a beautiful straight smile you feel proud to share.
    Treating Crooked Teeth Ottawa, ON

Ottawa orthodontist and family dentist Dr. Barakat offers orthodontic treatments and cosmetic solutions for correcting crooked teeth. A comprehensive and personalized consultation will help Dr. Barakt determine which treatment options will provide lasting results based on the patients overall oral health.

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Dr. Barakat offers cosmetic and orthodontic consultations in our Stittsville dentist office. During your consultation, Dr. Barakat will thoroughly evaluate your dental health and discuss your concerns. You will be presented with treatment recommendations and given the opportunity to ask questions and receive information on payment and financing options.

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