Love Your Smile

Love Your Smile

Straightening your crooked teeth can make you feel younger, healthier and more relaxed in your daily interactions.

Straightening your crooked teeth can benefit the way your smile looks, how you feel about your smile, and can improve your overall oral health. Many cosmetic dental concerns can affect the integrity of your teeth and gums. Crooked teeth may increase your risk of developing tooth decay or lead to complex and painful bite disorders. Addressing crooked teeth with orthodontic treatment can help you enjoy a more comfortable and stable bite.

Choosing Dr. Ami Barakat for your orthodontic treatment gives you the advantage of having an orthodontist with advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. Many cosmetic dental services can work in conjunction with your orthodontic treatment to enhance your overall smile.

Cosmetic dentistry addresses the aesthetic features of your smile. From teeth whitening and cosmetic fillings to dental veneers and Botox, our Ottawa area dentist office can help you enhance and rejuvenate the look of your teeth and gums. Our office is equipped with state of the art dental technology that provides more precise treatment planning for more authentic and natural looking dental restorations.

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What Cosmetic Treatments Does Villanova Dental Studio offer?

Our Ottawa, ON dentist office offers a full range of cosmetic treatments. Our highly trained and experienced team of dental professionals offer cosmetic services after a thorough oral health exam and personalized consultation.  We work with patients to determine which treatments will enhance and improve your overall smile.

Some patients choose a single cosmetic treatment to enhance the appearance of their teeth while others work with their Villanova dentist to build a full smile makeover treatment plan. Either way, investing in the appearance of your smile can improve your quality of life and leave you feeling more confident and healthy.

Villanova Dental Studio is an Ottawa, ON area Invisalign provider. Invisalign can straighten crooked teeth without the discomfort or bulk of traditional metal braces. Invisalign aligners are custom designed to realign crooked teeth through a series of clear plastic aligners that sit snuggly against the teeth. Aligners are practically invisible and most patients report that others are unable to tell they are wearing braces. Contact our office to learn more about our $1000 off your next Invisalign treatment.

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Schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation today. Dr. Barakat and his dental associates are proud to serve patients with high quality, state-of-the-art cosmetic dental care. Whether you have a specific treatment in mind, or just want to consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist on treatment options, we provide patients with complimentary cosmetic smile makeover consultations. We welcome patients from all over the Ontario Providence including Richmond, Stittsville, Ottawa, and Kanata. To learn more about how cosmetic dentistry can improve the look and health of your smile, contact our Stittsville, ON cosmetic dentistry office or schedule a consultation online.

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