How Can I Improve My Gummy Smile?

How Can I Improve My Gummy Smile?

Do not hide your smile due to the embarrassment of a gummy smile.

laser dentistry stittsville onMany patients with an elongated gum line feel unhappy with the appearance of their smile. Overexposure of the gumline can make teeth appear short and unbalanced with the rest of their smile. Gummy smiles may even interfere with a patients ability to receive the dental care they need.  If you have a gummy smile there are non-invasive treatment options that can improve the aesthetic and health of your smile.

Villanova Dental Studio emphasizes the importance of a confident, healthy smile. How you feel about your smile matters and can help you enjoy a fuller, happier life. Ask Ottawa, ON dentist Dr. Ami Barakat about Waterlase laser gum therapy for the recontouring of a gummy smile. 

Waterlase Laser Therapy for Gummy Smiles

Our associates offer Waterlase laser therapy for the treatment of gummy smiles.  Waterlase lasers are minimally invasive and for most patients eliminate the need for traditional gum surgery with sutures and long downtimes. Laser gum therapy is effective, virtually painless, and requires little to no downtime.

Laser therapy can be used to recontour the gum line creating a balanced, beautiful smile. Lasers reduce swelling, bleeding and discomfort and actually promote the bodies natural healing response, reducing the risk of infection and downtime.

Our experienced and highly skilled cosmetic dentists can bring harmony between the teeth and gums using Waterlase lasers. Patients enjoy predictable and natural results that last.

Waterlase can be used as a single treatment or as part of a total smile makeover to help enhance the appearance of the gums and teeth.

Find the balance and beauty of your natural smile. Contact our Ottawa, ON dentist office today for a cosmetic consultation and health exam. Dr. Ami Barakat can help you choose the treatment options that will improve your oral health and enhance the appearance of your smile.

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