What Role Can Oral Appliances Play in Your Orthodontic Treatment?

What Role Can Oral Appliances Play in Your Orthodontic Treatment?

When many people thinks of orthodontics, they think of braces, or possibly clear aligners. What some patients may not realize, is that more complex malocclusion or orthodontic issues may require additional appliances to treat. Sometimes these appliances are used in conjunction with braces. At other times, they may be used to prepare the mouth for braces. In either instance, oral appliances are vital in treating a range of orthodontic complaints.

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What is an Orthodontic Appliance?

An orthodontic appliance is simply a device designed to treat a dental condition. In fact, braces themselves are considered an orthodontic appliance. At Villanova Dental Studio Dr. Ami Barakat offers three types of orthodontic appliances.

Functional Appliances

Functional appliances are designed to address thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, two major causes of poor tooth alignment. By stopping these bad habits, many people can avoid needing orthodontic treatment later in life. Functional appliances fall into two categories, fixed and removable, and can include:

  • Distalization appliances
  • Intrusion appliances
  • Mesialization appliances
  • Vertical Dimension appliances

Sagittal Appliances

Sagittal appliances slowly widen your upper jaw arch so that your teeth have space to grow in without crowding.

Palatal Expanders

Palatal expanders, also known as rapid palatal expanders, are exactly what they sound like: devices for for expanding a small or underdeveloped palate. Like sagittal appliances, these devices make room for healthy teeth development in the upper jaw.

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