Dental Care During COVID-19

Dental Care During COVID-19

For more than fifteen years Dr. Ami Barakat and Villanova Dental Studio have been providing excellent full-service dental care in the Toronto area. The coronavirus pandemic has not changed this commitment to excellence in oral health. While Villanova Dental is closed to regular traffic, we remain available to address your emergency dentistry needs. But what exactly does this mean for your teeth?

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Stress and Dental Health

These are clearly stressful times. The uncertainty of how the COVID-19 outbreak will progress can be hard to deal with. You may not realize how clear stress is to your dentist. Stress tends to create muscle tension, which can cause a lot of problems to your mouth and jaw. Patients experiencing unusual stress often grind their teeth, causing undue wear.

Maximize Your Home Healthcare

The more time goes by, the more of us are restricted to our homes in order to “flatten the curve” of infection. What better time to perfect your home oral hygiene routine? Try brushing after every meal, and be sure to take the time to floss and use mouthwash. With diligent care, there is no need to worry that your teeth may degrade beyond hope of easy repair. Even if you have missed a valuable checkup, devoting time and attention to caring for your teeth properly should be enough to hold problems at bay.

Come to Us With Your Emergencies

Ultimately, diligent home care can only go so far. Sometimes you may experience unavoidable and even surprising incidents necessitating a quick trip to the dentist. For when these problems arise, Villanova Dental Studio is here for you. If you are an existing patient and experience a sudden dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us; a small problem can become big if ignored. To schedule an emergency treatment, contact our Stittsville, ON office on our website or at (613) 836-9084.

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