Physiologic Dentistry & Orthodontics

Physiologic Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Barakat practices Physiologic Dentistry when treating patients and this approach is the foundation of your orthodontic care in our office. Physiologic dentistry takes into consideration all aspects of your occlusal system or bite. In addition to the position and stability of the teeth, Dr. Barakat analyzes the function of the jaw joints to look for dysfunction or damage. A bite that is not functioning properly will impact your entire occlusal system over time, often resulting in discomfort and classic TMJ symptoms.

Dr. Barakat uses skill, knowledge, and advanced technology to provide a thorough evaluation of your oral health using the principles of physiologic dentistry. The goal of your treatment is to not only improve the aesthetic of your smile but to support your long term oral health and wellness with a stable and comfortable bite. This plays a key role in both dental health and overall physical well being. When there is dysfunction in the bite, it can be the underlying cause of a wide range of health concerns and discomfort. A stable and naturally functioning bite also supports a healthy airway and reduces the risk of sleep-related disorders that can compromise your quality of life.

How does physiologic dentistry benefit me?

Physiologic dentistry provides the tools and principles for a more accurate approach to your orthodontic treatment. Addressing the occlusal system as a whole and targeting any problems existing in the fit and function of the bite will offer a more stable outcome. Straightening your teeth is only one part of your total treatment plan using physiologic dentistry. It is just as important to ensure that your bite is not creating tension in the jaw and setting the stage for TMJ related disorders or tooth damage down the road.

Why choose Dr. Barakat for orthodontics?

Dr. Barakat leads a highly trained dental care team committed to the long term oral health needs of our patients. When you entrust to us the future of your smile or your child’s growing smile we want the outcome of treatment to be lasting. Dr. Barakat has incorporated physiologic dentistry into our dental practice for the benefit of your natural smile and your overall well being. A comfortable and stable bite will allow you to enjoy your best quality of life each day in addition to the confidence boost of a beautiful new smile after orthodontic treatment.

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