How to Handle an Orthodontic Emergency in Stittsville, ON

How to Handle an Orthodontic Emergency in Stittsville, ON

During the COVID-19 crisis, Villanova Dental Studio, a provider of orthodontics in Stittsville, ON, has been following recommendations and remaining closed for everything but emergencies. With orthodontic equipment, there’s always a chance that something could break or go wrong. Dr. Ami Barakat discusses orthodontic emergencies and what you should do to handle them.affordable orthodontics in Stittsville, Ottawa Ontario

Taking on an Orthodontic Emergency

The first thing you should do if you’re experiencing an orthodontic emergency is to call our office immediately. We want to advise you or see you in our office as soon as possible if there’s a severe problem. Below are common orthodontic emergencies and how you can help until you’re seen in the office.

Overall Soreness

This is common when it comes to orthodontics, particularly if you’ve just gotten your braces adjusted or switched to a new Invisalign aligner. You’ll feel a lot of pressure and may not want to eat tough foods for a few days after this happens. Over the counter pain medication and warm salt water rinses can be used to help ease this pain. If this doesn’t help or the pain is severe and lasts longer than five days, call our office.

A Wire is Poking You

The wire on traditional braces can sometimes be irritating to the soft tissues in your mouth. If a wire is poking you, try to use a pencil eraser to push it into a more comfortable position. You can also utilize orthodontic wax to see if that helps the problem. If not, or you see that a wire is broken, you’ll have to come into the office so Dr. Barakat can observe and fix the problem.

Loose Wire or Bracket

If any part of your braces is loose, it’s not functioning properly. If the part is still attached to your tooth, avoid touching it so that it hopefully doesn’t get any looser or fall off. If a bracket or wire does fall out, make sure you try to retrieve it and bring it with you to your appointment so that it can be reattached. Be careful not to play with or touch your braces frequently, even if there are no loose parts. It could cause them to become loose or detach from the mechanism.

Trauma to the Teeth

Trauma to the teeth is a serious issue even if you don’t have orthodontic appliances in your mouth. Dental trauma can happen if you get hit in the face accidentally during sports or from a fall. If you notice that a part of your orthodontic appliance has broken off, try your best to retrieve it and bring it with you to your appointment.

If blood is present, rinse your mouth out thoroughly with warm saltwater. Take over the counter pain medication for pain and use a cold compress for any swelling you experience. Put orthodontic wax on any part of your appliance that may be broken and sticking out. We’ll get you into the office immediately to assess the damage and get everything fixed.

Orthodontics in Stittsville, Ontario

Villanova Dental Studio is here to take care of all of your orthodontic emergencies. After the COVID-19 crisis has settled, we’ll also take on all of your other orthodontic needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online for the future!

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