The Benefits of Two Phase Treatment

The Benefits of Two Phase Treatment

Two phase treatment is designed to take care of certain orthodontic problems early on so that there aren’t bigger issues down the line. This requires early intervention with childhood orthodontic problems. Dr. Ami Barakat of Villanova Dental Studio, a provider of orthodontics in Stittsville, ON, discusses two phase treatment and how it can help your child.

the benefits of two phase treatment

Phase-One Treatment

Phase-one treatment happens when your child’s mouth is developing. Tackling certain problems when the mouth is changing and growing can mean eliminating the need for braces down the line. Children’s habits like thumb-sucking can also impact the way the jaw develops, causing more issues with the development of the mouth.

Early orthodontic treatment can involve a variety of treatment options. If Dr. Barakat notices an issue with jaw development, she’ll commonly recommend an oral appliance. There is a large variety of oral appliances that can take care of many issues.

One of the more common orthodontic appliances is a palate expander. When the upper jaw develops, sometimes it can be too small to accommodate adult teeth. Even primary teeth may appear cramped. There may be alignment issues with the upper jaw as well. A palate expander ensures that the upper jaw is prepared for adulthood. Sagittal appliances may also be used to ensure the jaw is wide enough and won’t be overcrowded.

Functional appliances are used for children that have habits of thumb-sucking or tongue thrusting. This can impact the location of the teeth and may push them far forward. A functional appliance can ensure that normal tooth and jaw development proceed throughout their teenage years.

Why Two Phase Treatment Works

When these methods are used for phase one treatment, it makes treatment much easier in the future. Instead of having extensive orthodontic treatments, your child may be able to simply have braces for a short period of time to complete the work of the first phase. It prepares the jaw for the future, ensuring that difficult treatments aren’t needed. Most of the work was done while the jaw was developing.

If orthodontic treatment is put off, it’s much harder to treat everything later on. The jaw is more developed and it takes longer to shift teeth and shape the jaw. Phase one treatment also helps the effects of orthodontic treatment to last longer. Since it allows the jaw to develop naturally after treatment is completed, the jaw will be in a better position when they’re older.

Two Phase Orthodontics in Stittsville, Ontario

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