Overbite, also known as over-jet, is a form of malocclusion. It occurs when the top teeth protrude, or hang over, the bottom teeth. It is a common dental concern that can occur in varying degrees of severity. However, even a minor overbite can put you at risk for tooth damage and bite problems because the teeth are not making proper contact. Do you or your child have an overbite?

Fortunately, Kanata ON dentist Dr. Ami Barakat can provide comprehensive orthodontic care for an overbite. He will correct the alignment of your jaw or tooth misalignment for a healthier, more stable smile. Our Stittsville dentist office welcomes patients of all ages and offers orthodontic services in a family friendly, state of the art dentist office.


In the case of an overbite, your top teeth overhang your bottom teeth. Overbites can cause dissatisfaction in appearance and make it difficult to speak and eat if left untreated. In patients where there is a large degree of overbite, damage may be caused to soft mouth tissue and you may need jaw surgery. If you have an overbite and experience difficulty eating, we can help. Dr. Barakat and his team has years of experience treating this condition.

If you or your child has a bite misalignment issue, schedule a consultation to learn how we use orthodontic treatments to correct your smile. We can restore your bite and give you a comfortable, healthy and beautiful smile. Early treatment is recommended for the best possible results and to provide the opportunity for conservative options to be successful.



An overbite can be the result of genetics causing improper jaw formation and myofunctional habits. These habits can include thumb sucking, tooth thrusting and prolonged bottle feeding. Dr. Barakat will evaluate your oral health to determine the underlying cause and make a recommendation for appropriate treatment. Although an overbite can be corrected at any age, early treatment can offer the best results.

We can avoid the need for oral surgery or additional dental problems associated with this type of malocclusion.

Treatment options will depend on the severity of your malocclusion, the underlying cause and your desired cosmetic result. Dr. Barakat may recommend a single treatment or a combination of treatments.

For severe cases, the use of an oral appliance in conjunction with traditional braces or oral surgery may be necessary to ensure the jaw is realigned properly for a functional bite. The goal of treatment is to establish a healthy oral foundation for a lasting smile that both looks and feels great.


If you have concerns about the dental health of you or your child, schedule a consultation with Dr. Barakat in our Stittsville dentist office. We serve patients in Kanata, Ottawa, Richmond, and surrounding communities. Dr. Barakat can evaluate your bite and oral health and discuss your personal goals. Contact our office at (343) 305-1194 or request an appointment online.

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