Tips For Maintaining Your Retainer

Tips For Maintaining Your Retainer

Tips For Maintaining Your Retainer in Stittsville, OttawaThe tough part is over for your braces: No more food restrictions, feelings of embarrassment, and discomfort. However, there is one last step, and that is to make sure your teeth remain aligned after your braces treatment.

How disappointed would you be if all the hard work you put into making your teeth straight was in vain? Here are some tips to help make sure that you maintain your retainer properly so your teeth remain straight for a lifetime!

Clean your Retainer Regularly

  • Your retainer will require as much attention as your teeth. Each time you wear your retainer, make sure you clean your retainer thoroughly with a toothbrush and water. To add an extra level of cleanliness, try soaking your retainer in Retainer Brite. Soak for five to ten minutes for the best results.

Wear As Much As Recommended

  • Wearing your retainer as frequently as we recommend if vital to your teeth’s success. Even if you do not like wearing it, a retainer can only work if you wear it and it is the best way to keep your smile looking perfect.

Keep Your Retainer Cool

  • Avoid leaving your retainer in places with extreme heat such as poolside or in your car on a hot day. Excessive heat can cause your retainer to warp its size and even melt. Your retainer will not work if it does not fit properly.

Safe Storage Place

  • Make sure to store your retainer in a safer place so that pets are not able to get a hold of it. Cats and dogs may easily confuse your retainer as a chew toy when they become deformed or lost.

Stay Away From Napkins

  • This may seem a little off; however, a countless number of patients accidentally throw their retainers in the trash. When preparing for a meal, many patients will wrap their retainer in a napkin and place in on the table or counter, then upon cleanup, accidentally throw it away. Try to always have a case for your retainer and avoid wrapping them up in napkins.

Maintain Excellent Oral Hygiene

  • Continue to maintain your excellent oral hygiene habits with brushing and flossing. No sense in putting a retainer in with dirty teeth and or gums.

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