Dental Fillings Ottawa, ON

Tooth FillingAn Overview

Dental fillings are a standard general dental procedure that can be used to address minor tooth damage or tooth decay. Used to restore the stability of an infected tooth, dental fillings help to prevent further deterioration or tooth loss. Villanova Dental Studio uses only cosmetic white dental fillings for their aesthetic results and safety.

White Fillings Vs. Metal Fillings: What to Consider

Dr. Barakat’s Stittsville dentist office has been metal free for over 7 years. We use metal-free fillings for the health and aesthetic benefits.

Villanova Dental Studio is a metal free dentist office in Kanata and Stittsville, Ottawa. Our dental fillings are made from high-quality composite resin and are colour matched to the natural tooth. White fillings are more aesthetically pleasing, durable and can prevent further damage to the tooth.

Cosmetic white fillings are:

  • Mercury free
  • Will not leach metal into surrounding areas
  • Do not expand and contract weakening teeth
  • Blend seamlessly with the smile for beautiful results

Dr. Barakat may recommend replacing old metal fillings with white resin fillings for a more aesthetically pleasing smile and improved dental health. Metal fillings, especially when in the “smile-zone” may cause a patient to feel self-conscious of their smile. Replacing metal fillings with white fillings can improve oral health and self-confidence.

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I would not hesitate at all to recommend Villa Nova Dental in Stittsville. They have great staff, friendly and professional. What I love is that they have great hours, night and wknds. Which for us is great since its hard for me to take time off work during the day…Monique C.
The service and care that I received is amazing. They are personable and make you feel like you are family. The process was explained in detail, so I knew what was happening every step of the way. I would highly recommend.Maria W.

Tooth Filling What to Expect

The tooth filling procedure is completed with minimal discomfort and in one visit to our Kanata and Stittsville, ON dentist office. You may receive a local anesthetic for your optimal comfort during the filling.

The decay will be removed from the infected tooth. Then the tooth is cleaned and filled with a special composite filling that will be colour-matched to your tooth. Using a blue light, the material will be cured for a natural-looking and durable result.

Depending on how advanced the decay is, your Villanova dentist may recommend laser therapy for the treatment of tooth decay.

Sedation Dentistry

For patients with dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry options. Treating tooth decay can help patients avoid root canals or tooth extraction, and early diagnosis is essential. Using oral sedation or nitrous oxide, your dentist can help you completely relax so you may receive the dental care you need, anxiety-free.

Your dentist will discuss the benefits of sedation dentistry and your medical history, working with you to choose the option that is best for your safety and personal needs. We serve comprehensive dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa and surrounding communities. Visit us today.

Tooth Filling FAQs

Does getting dental fillings hurt?

No. A local anesthetic will be used to numb your mouth so that you will not feel any pain. The process is completed in a timely manner. It usually takes less than an hour for a single filling to be placed.

Is it bad to have a lot of fillings?

No. You can never have too many fillings. It is always best to restore your teeth as soon as possible for a long-lasting healthy smile. All dentists agree that it is better to save a tooth by filling cavities rather than removing the tooth altogether.

Can a filling be redone?

Yes. A filling can be redone for a couple of reasons. Your filling can weaken over time and cause opportunity for further infection. If you have broken a filling, or it has fallen out due to mouth trauma, we can replace it in a single visit.

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