Crooked Teeth

Do you often hide your crooked teeth? Does your child have trouble chewing because of misaligned teeth?

Crooked teeth are one of the common reasons that patients of all ages seek orthodontic treatment. Patients mostly visit us with the goal of achieving a more aesthetically pleasing smile. However, straightening teeth also improves dental health and when done early, can avoid the development of a range of dental concerns and problems, including TMJ disorders.

Crooked teeth can be the result of overcrowding of teeth, congenital issues or myofunctional habits. These habits include thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. Straightening teeth can address these dental concerns as well as enhance the appearance of your smile, boosting your self confidence. Crooked teeth can be treated with all types of orthodontics.

Depending on your specific dental problems and cosmetic goals, we can recommend a variety of treatments. Ottawa dentist Dr. Ami Barakat works with patients of all ages on an individual basis. He will recommend the option(s) best suited to your unique needs. He has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of complex concerns and neuromuscular dentistry.

Straightening Teeth in Children

Children with crooked teeth benefit the most from early orthodontic treatments. Your child’s teeth have the advantage of still being in development, making them easier and less painful to reposition. For young patients with crooked teeth, Dr. Barakat will evaluate their oral health for signs of any problems. He will evaluate the development and structure of the jaw, as well as any early signs of tooth development issues.

He may recommend early orthodontic treatment to provide a stable, healthy oral foundation for lasting results. It is important to fully understand and address any underlying issues. If early treatment is best, we offer a range of oral appliances, clear aligners like Invisalign, and traditional braces.

Straightening teeth early can avoid future bite problems, tooth damage, and infections. It will enable your child to care for their teeth more effectively. It can also give your child confidence in their overall appearance as they grow.

Adults with Crooked Teeth

Many adult patients suffer silently with a smile that they often feel embarrassed of due to teeth that are crooked or misaligned. It is never too late to straighten your smile, improve your dental health, and boost your confidence. Feeling good about your smile can have a positive impact on your social and professional interactions. We want to inspire you to maintain great dental health for as long as you can.

Adults can also suffer negative oral health effects as a result of their crooked teeth. It’s harder to clean teeth that are crooked, leading to the possibility of more decay or infection. Crooked teeth can also cause pressure to be unevenly distributed throughout your bite. Your teeth may be more susceptible to chipping or breaking because they’re taking on more pressure at different angles.

Crooked teeth can also lead to bite problems like TMJ disorders. You may experience pain or discomfort when you’re doing something as simple as opening and closing your jaw. Jaw joints with TMJ issues are more prone to popping, clicking, or locking up as well. Taking care of crooked teeth can help prevent these issues, no matter your age.

Dr. Barakat offers adult orthodontic treatment for patients who have never had braces or are experiencing a relapse of tooth movement after previous orthodontic care. From metal braces to Invisalign, Dr. Barakat can work with you to achieve a beautiful smile through personalized orthodontic care.

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