Deep Bite

Many patients are surprised to learn they have an orthodontic concern because they do not see any issues with their teeth. The patient’s bite may not bother them physically or aesthetically but seemingly insignificant issues can often be an indicator of an underlying problem. A deep bite may not seem like a dental concern, but the underlying problem is and must be addressed. Dr. Ami Barakat is a dentist in Stittsville, ON that offers treatment for many orthodontic concerns including deep bites.

What is a Deep Bite?

A deep bite is a common malocclusion often seen in children as well as adults. This is when the upper front teeth excessively overlap the bottom front teeth when the back teeth are closed. The lower incisors will actually be touching the gum tissue located right behind the upper incisors. It is also sometimes referred to as a closed bite or an overbite.

Reasons Why a Deep Bite Needs to be Fixed

  • When the bottom incisors are constantly biting into the roof of your mouth, sores and ulcers may develop. These can cause a lot of pain and make eating very uncomfortable and difficult.
  • If you have over-erupted lower incisors, they can wear down significantly. This is especially true for patients who also clench or grind their lower incisors against the cingulae of the upper incisors. This excessive wear will lead to damaged teeth and loss of tooth structure.
  • Some patients suffer from crowded and/or crooked teeth in addition to a deep bite. The deep bite must be corrected before the crowded and crooked teeth can be aligned.
  • If you lost a significant amount of tooth structure, Dr. Barakat will need move the upper incisors and lower incisors apart. This process in often referred to as “opening the bite”. It is necessary to recreate space for the restoration.

Solutions to Fixing a Deep Bite

Dr. Barakat will first need to perform an orthodontic consultation at his Stittsville dentist office. During the consultation, he will thoroughly evaluate your teeth, jaw, mouth, and dental health. If he determines that you have a deep bite, he will discuss why it is important to treat it and how those treatments work. Treatment will basically entail proper jaw alignment and tooth placement which is usually accomplished in multiple phases.

There are several methods that dentists often use to correct this malocclusion.

  • The upper or lower incisors (or both) will be moved into their supportive bones
  • Another option is to make the side and back teeth longer. This will open up the bite a little bit, preventing the lower teeth from hitting the roof of the mouth.

Dr. Barakat may choose to use some of the following to treat a deep bite:


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