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Commonly asked questions from orthodontic patients:

How do I know if my child will need braces?

All children should be evaluated around the age of 7, when the permanent teeth begin to erupt, or come in. This provides the opportunity for Dr. Barakat to look for the signs of a developing bite problem and to discuss any habits that mat affect tooth development. Early treatment can sometimes avoid more extensive- and expensive- treatment needs later on.

What dental problems can orthodontics treat?

Dr. Barakat recommends orthodontic treatment for the following:

Do you offer adult orthodontics?

Yes. Dr. Barakat is a highly trained dentist and works with adults who have dental problems related to TMJ, cosmetic concerns and relapse after previous orthodontic treatment. He offers personalized care to help you achieve a healthier smile that will meet your cosmetic goals.

Can my child play sports with braces?

Yes. We encourage children to live an active lifestyle for overall health and fitness. Dr. Barakat offers custom fit sports mouth guards for maximum protection and a comfortable fit. Your child will be able to wear it in place at all times while participating in high-intensity sports or activities.

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