Two Phase Treatment

Two Phase Treatment in Ottawa

For young patients with malocclusion or jaw skeletal issues, early treatment is recommended to help lay the foundation for a more stable oral foundation as the permanent teeth grow in. Early orthodontic treatment can help avoid the development of TMJ related disorders later in life. For these reasons, having your child evaluated at around age 7 can play an important role in establishing and preserving a beautiful, healthy smile as they grow.

“An Ounce of Prevention..”

As the saying goes, in many cases early treatment saves time and money down the road. If your child has malocclusion or a jaw misalignment problem, addressing these concerns early while they are still growing offers the best chance for a stable and lasting result.

Dr. Barakat will evaluate the needs of you or your child and may recommend an oral appliance as part of treatment for the best result. There are a wide range of oral appliances used in orthodontics, from rubber bands to palate expanders and headgear. Each has a specific function and is applying necessary forces to facilitate bone remodeling or tooth movement.

Common appliances recommended can include:

  • Palate expanders: to accommodate permanent tooth development and address upper jaw alignment issues
  • Functional appliances: to address thumb sucking and tongue thrusting and enable normal jaw and tooth development
  • Sagittal appliances: to expand the arch and allow for normal tooth development where crowding may occur

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

early orthodontic treatment in Katana and Ottawa Ontario

Early, or phase 1 treatment, is designed to address problems affecting the development of your child’s smile. Addressing concerns early while your child is still growing can often mean a better long term result. In some cases, early treatment can mean there is no need for braces later on if we are able to establish a healthy, stable environment for the permanent teeth to grow into.

Early treatment can last between 6 months and a year, depending on your child’s specific needs and level of cooperation if myofunctional habits are involved. We will work with you to establish healthy daily routines for oral care and help your child understand the long term benefits of what we are doing.

A stable, functional and healthy smile will play an important role in your child’s future. It affects his sense of self confidence in social and professional settings and impacts quality of life. We want your child to enjoy a lifetime of dental health, starting with a good oral foundation.

If a second phase of treatment using braces or an appliance is considered necessary, Dr. Barakat will discuss when it is best to return for a re-evaluation. To keep your child’s smile healthy as they grow, we offer comprehensive family dentistry in our Main Street location.


Putting off treatment can result in a need for more invasive and costly orthodontics treatment later in life. Early orthodontics treatment is most effective for achieving lasting results. Two Phase Treatment was developed for this purpose.

Yes. For children with moderate to severe Class II orthodontics problems, early treatment followed by later comprehensive treatment will significantly assist in helping your child’s teeth and jaw develop naturally.

Real Patient, Real Results

Dr. Barakat and is team at Villanova made the choice easy to start early orthodontics for our son. His philosophy for early treatment has helped our son to avoid extracting healthy permanent teeth. We had to wait 8 months in Petawawa just for a consultation only to be told we would have to pull teeth…I’m so glad we found Villanova, the drive every month or two is worth it! I’ve told all my friends to bring their children here for orthodontic treatment, thank you dr. Barakat and team!!


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