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How Technology Improves Your Dental Care

Tru-Align® Dental X-Rays

tru image digital xrays Kanata, Ottawa, and Stittsville dentistWe use Tru-Align chairside digital x-rays for your diagnostics.

Digital x-rays provide higher quality imaging for more accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays expose our patients to far less radiation than traditional x-rays so they are safer to use.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has greatly improved many dental procedures for both hard and soft tissues. From treating dental cavities to contouring gums and eradicating periodontal disease, laser therapy is a non-invasive modern dental technology that provides oral health benefits. Laser dentistry promotes healing and decreases the risk of infection after treatment.

Waterlase MD:laser dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa, and Stittsville

Wasterlase laser is a minimally invasive treatment that can be used to remove tooth decay, perform root canals, bone grafting and gum contouring. Waterlase allows for less bleeding and swelling and eliminates the need for sutures. Waterlase can be used in general, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures for a healthier, more beautiful smile. Many patients with dental anxiety feel more at ease and less anxious when being treated with laser dentistry.

EzLase:laser dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa, and Stittsville

EzLase is a laser technology ideal for treating soft tissues. EzLase is a preferred treatment to eradicate the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and can often eliminate the need for gum surgery. EzLase is minimally invasive, promotes healing and reduces the risk of infection. EzLase treatment requires minimal down time and can be completed from the comfort of our Stittsville dentist office.


Kanata, Ottawa, and Stittsville painless dentist

CEREC technology makes same day dental restorations a possibility. Many patients enjoy having their dental restoration created and fit all in one visit to our Ottawa dentist office.

CEREC uses advanced digital imaging technology and CAD/CAM to design and fabricate custom dental restorations such as a dental crown or partial crown. Using the highest quality ceramic materials, CEREC restorations are precisely fit and highly durable.


oral cancer screening in Kanata, Ottawa, and Stittsville

VELscope® is a non-invasive handheld device that uses a unique blue-spectrum light to screen your oral cavity for signs of unhealthy tissue. Because healthy tissue display specific patterns under the light, it is easy to spot abnormalities. VELscope® allows for the detection of oral cancer before it is visible to the human eye.

Cadent iTero® digital impressions

Kanata, Ottawa, and Stittsville painless dental treatmentsNo messy impression trays.

Cadent iTero® digital impressions are used to design highly accurate dental restorations such as dental crowns. Cadent iTero takes digital scans of the teeth eliminating messy impression trays. Digital imaging creates better fitting and more natural looking restorations.

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