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Dental Hygiene with Orthodontics

January 29th, 2020

Many people find maintaining proper dental hygiene on their own difficult. With an orthodontic device in the way, cleaning your teeth becomes that much harder. Some people may complete their orthodontic treatment with unsightly decay and discoloration due to improper care. Villanova Dental Studio in Stittsville, ON is here to guide you through your journey to the perfect smile. The Difficulties of Dental Hygiene The specific hygiene problems you have […]

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What to Know About Dental Crowns

January 6th, 2020

Dental crowns are a very common dental treatment. As many as one-third of adults has at least one dental crown. Some people may have more than one. Even some children may get crowns. Despite how common they are, you may not have all the facts about dental crowns. Drs. Ami Barakat, Belal Alani, Bilal Mammah, and Thériault at Villanova Dental Studio are here to take the mystery out of this […]

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A Healthy Diet for Healthy Teeth

January 3rd, 2020

So many dental health problems come down to poor home care. In fact, diet is a major deciding factor when it comes to the health of your teeth. By making a few mouth-healthy changes to your diet, you can reduce or even prevent a host of tooth problems, and ensure a lifelong strong and healthy smile. Avoid Sugary Foods Of course, minimizing your dessert and candy intake is classic dental […]

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